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2008-2009 Season

The Hub Review
“With a song in their broken hearts” by Thomas Garvey
    "The annual "(Un)Lucky in Love" concert from Boston Secession is always a sell-out, and no wonder; it's like a funny little valentine from the chorus to its audience." [Full text]

The Boston Globe
“Contemplating eternal rest, with an extra electric twang” by Jeremy Eichler
    "Under Jane Ring Frank's direction, the Boston Secession chorus has carved a niche for itself in the city's bustling choral landscape, in part through its sound musicianship and its distinctive programming." [Full text]
The Hub Review
“Sacred music gets its groove on” by Thomas Garvey
    "You go to a Boston Secession concert expecting two things: 1) the cleanest choral sound in town, and 2) the smartest, most adventurous programming anywhere, courtesy of Jane Ring Frank (above), the chorale's charismatic leader (think Cambridge's answer to Sarah Palin, only with brains and talent)." [Full text]
The New York Times
“Surprised by Beauty: Minimalism in Choral Music” by Allan Kozinn
    "BOSTON SECESSION, a polished, finely blended chamber choir founded in 1996, takes an expansive view of Minimalism here, with some works that are Minimalist only in the sense that their melodies are spare and their rhythms hew close to those of the text, and some that are hardly Minimalist at all. But that’s probably the point: so many footnotes, nuances and reinterpretations have accrued to the definition of Minimalism over the last 40 years that as a stylistic label, it is now as nonspecific as any other ism." [Full text]
by Andrew Farach-Colton
    "The ensemble's tone is lovely, well blended and balanced, and director Jane Ring Frank gives strong shape to the music . . . Warmly recommended" [Full text]
On an Overgrown Path
Fuguing great new music from Boston
    "The singing is exemplary and gives no quarter to better known professional ensembles." [Full text]
The Omniscient Mussel
“CD Review: Surprised by Beauty”
    "On occasion, groups of singers have such great sound they could sing a grocery list and it would still be a worthwhile performance . . . Secession achieves with ease the sound that most chamber choirs, professional or otherwise, merely lust after." [Full text]
Asymmetry Music Magazine
“Surprised by Beauty: Minimalism in Choral Music” by Kirk Udvardi
    "As I listen I find myself constantly breathing with the ensemble and anticipating each new sound and where it finally resolves. This is riveting music by thoughtful performers." [Full text]
Arts Fuse
“Classical CD Review: Boston Secession” by Caldwell Titcomb
    "The Secession chorus under Ring Frank’s direction is marvelous. There are a few brief vocal solos, but for most of the time we get a wonderfully homogeneous and completely blended sonority. The performance of “The Beatitudes,” as is appropriate for this text, is positively seraphic." [Full text]
Audiophile Audition
“Surprised By Beauty” by Steven Ritter
    "A delectable, well-conceived, and beautifully sung album" [Full text]
“Surprised By Beauty: Minimalism”
    "The performances, led by Boston Secession Artistic Director Jane Ring Frank, are uniformly outstanding and sound very good—you can hear everything. Highly recommended for those interested in recent trends in choral writing and performing." [Full text]

2007-2008 Season

The Boston Globe
“Taking risks, under Handel's enduring influence” by David Perkins
    "Boston Secession is a 10-year-old, 30-member professional choral ensemble that produces magnificent singing and unusual programming." [Full text]
The Hub Review
“Handel with Care” by Thomas Garvey
    "Last weekend brought another memorable concert from Boston Secession, `Handel in the Strand"'" [Full text]
The Hub Review
“Human Choral Response” by Thomas Garvey
    "Music and sex: their parallels are practically a cliché - except in the hands of Jane Ring Frank, whose recent program, "The Big Oh!," for the Boston Secession (at left, Frank at center), once again displayed her genius” [Full text]

2006-2007 Season

The Hub Review
“Mother love” by Thomas Garvey
    "It isn't often that a local musical group premieres a piece that one senses immediately will become part of the permanent repertory, but that's exactly what happened last Friday night at the final Boston Secession concert of the season" [Full text]
The Boston Globe
“Secession 'Minimalism' is something else" by Matthew Guerrieri
    "Gavin Bryars's 'And so ended Kant's traveling in this world,' ... received a beautifully precise American premiere...Likewise Arvo Pärt's "The Beatitudes," in which the biblical words peal forth as shining, often soaring harmonized chant" [Full text]
The Hub Review
“Love's sweet-and-sour song” by Thomas Garvey
    "The crowd at Boston Secession's "(Un)Lucky in Love" concert last Friday was a testament to this sparkling ensemble's growing cult - a cult you should join, too, if you hanker for lushly transparent singing conducted with intelligence and wit." [Full text]
Mass Media / The Daily Collegian
“Mysticism brought to Harvard Square” by Shea Mullaney
    "[N]one is as singular and innovative as the Boston Secession." [Full text]
The Boston Globe Feature Article
“Secession revisits its mystic beginnings” by David Weininger
    "Ten years ago, Frank explains, the purpose of the concert was to 'delve into the idea of transcendental experience of the divine -- what does that mean and how is it represented in music? And that alone was a deep and rich conversation'" [Full text]

2005-2006 Season

The Boston Globe
“Ensemble embraces the mystery of 'Orpheus'” by David Weininger
    "the chorus and small guest ensemble did extremely well by this ambitious project" [Full text]
The Boston Globe Feature Article
“Boston Secession knows the score when it comes to Cocteau's 'Orpheus'” By Mark Feeney
    "Conducting a performance like this, Frank says, is much harder than a regular concert. 'It's very complex,' she says. 'What I try to do is work from image and character. In a film like this, narrative is oblique. So the trick is piecing together a score that's cohesive, complementary, and beautiful in its own right'"[Full text]
Boston’s Weekly Dig Calendar Pick
    "you’ll also enjoy live choral music from the badasses of the Boston Secession" [Full text]
The Boston Sunday Globe Feature Article
“Accompaniment adds new life to 'Orpheus'” By Leslie Brokaw
    "Boston Secession has a different brand of live soundtracking, which it will present with director Jean Cocteau's 1950 ‘Orpheus’" [Full text]
The Boston Sunday Globe Calendar Pick
Boston Phoenix Calendar Pick
    "another spiffy live soundtrack from Jane Ring Frank’s stellar vocal group the BOSTON SECESSION" [Full text]
Boston Phoenix Feature Article
“Codebreakers The Boston Secession cracks ‘The Stravinsky Code’” by David Weninger
    “for its program next Friday, the innovative and intrepid chorus has crafted a program called ‘The Stravinsky Code’ designed to open up a musical idea that provided (Stravinsky) inspiration at all points of his career” [Full text]

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American Record Guide CD Review
    “the Boston musicians do a wonderful job conveying the depth and pathos of [Distler's] vision” [Full text]


The Boston Globe
“Festival spotlights female composers” by Richard Dyer
    “Boston Secession…sang all three works superbly, and the tuning and dynamics…were so precise that they made the ears ring.” [Full text]

Boston Phoenix Calendar Pick
    “Trust the innovative folks at the Boston Secession to come up with a creative and pertinent concert a few days before the election” [Full text]


Bay Windows
“Venus Rising: Boston Secession devotes itself to a rare evening of music by women” by Liane Curtis
    “The intelligent programming, brilliant interpretation, and powerful musicianship combined to make this evening remarkable, moving and memorable.” [Full text]


Boston Phoenix Feature Article
“Angel Voices” by Jeffrey Gantz
    “Frank points out that the goal of the Vienna Secession was to break ranks with tradition. Performing some of the greatest achievements of German music Weimar cabaret style and using the result to redefine Sternberg’s film certainly qualifies. Mark this one required viewing — and listening.” [Full text]


Boston TAB Feature Article
“Boston Secession provides musical wings to 'Desire'” by Gary Freeman
    “The classical music group the Boston Secession takes its name seriously. Just as you may sense a touch of anarchy in the name, you'll see a commitment to approaching music in a different way. A case in point is the group's revival of one of its most innovative programs”[Full text]
Boston Herald Feature Article
“Silent partners: Boston Secession, Alloy Orchestra make music for movie classics at Somerville Theatre” by Daniel Gewertz
    “ ‘It's an amazingly complex process and…there is no improvisation,’ said Jane Ring Frank, director for the 21-member vocal ensemble. `We pieced it all together with stopwatches and computer clocks. It was mapped out in a very calculated way' ” [Full text]


CNC Feature Article
“Wings of Desire takes flight once more” by Ken Capobianco
    “ ‘History has shown that score re-constructions for films, by bringing an orchestra in or theater organ, or what the Alloy Orchestra does with silent films, has been successful,’ Frank says. ‘We are taking it one step further by bringing in pre-existing classical music and creating an entirely new feel'” [Full text]
AOL/Digital City Boston Feature Article
“Sound and Vision” by John Black - Movie Guy
    “’A show like this can really get people to open their ears up a little more to new kinds of music,’ says Jane Ring Frank, the Boston Secession's artistic director. ‘People going to hear a concert of this music, who aren't familiar with these composers, may not be as open to what they are hearing just sitting there watching the musicians. Adding the visual component of a movie let's them relax a bit and safely experience this new music.’” [Full text]


Boston Globe Review
New Chorus Educates, Entertains by Susan Larson
    “Its program…was beautifully constructed, charmingly narrated, and vigorously executed by conductor Jane Ring Frank” [Full text]
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